Some Notes on Scriptnotes

Scriptnotes is a podcast hosted by John August and Craig Mazin which focuses on the craft and trade of writing screenplays. I’ve been an avid listener since I first discovered it a few years ago.

I love listening to this show because its like peering through a window into a Bizarro universe where your job isn’t to write software but to write screenplays. The remarkable thing, I think, is that they’re more aware of that interplay than our industry seems to be.

Turns out Scriptnotes has published the most essential conversation that you, as software developer, must listen to.

(sponsor break for “Big Fish: Hungover Monkey” off broadway. reading note: “tear jerker”)

The topic is Final Draft 9 and the reactions the Scriptnotes hosts have, particularly those expressed by the usually reserved Mr. Maizim. If you write software and you have users then you should listen to this conversation.

From a technical perspective, just appreciate that words like Cocoa and Carbon are being thrown around. Appreciate how a business guy is trying to communicate the weight of transitioning a giant customer base from an aging code base. Appreciate how the customers are demanding quicker responsiveness to technological changes.

The greater lesson, I believe, is never get left behind.

  • Guy

Thank you John August @johnaugust and Craaaaig Mayzen @clmazin for putting on a show that’s so dedicated to craft that it … transcends? breaks out? exceeds? … Whatever. You’re the pros. It’s worth listening to while you pheal potatoes.