The Record

My friends Brent Simmons and Chris Parrish have launched a new podcast called The Record. The first episode is an interview with another friend of mine, Luke Adamson, covering how he got into the software racket and his time during the NeXT and early OS X days of The Omni Group. Luke is one of those guys that’s been around for ages but you’ve probably not heard from often. He’s got some great stories and it’s terrific that Brent and Chris opened their new show with him as the guest.

There’s no lack of podcasts these days, and more are added regularly, but that doesn’t mean there’s not an audience for niche shows with specific goals in mind. The goal of The Record is to capture the early days and growth of the Apple developer community. Smartly, they’ve decided to break the show into seasons each focusing on a different aspect of the period. The first season focuses on the Seattle scene before the introduction of the iPhone. I think you’ll be surprised as just how much of an influence the Seattle crowd has had on the greater Apple development community. The Record has a bunch of great guests lined up and I’m really looking forward to following along.

If you enjoy listening to Debug then I think you’ll find The Record to be a terrific companion.