For the past three years my partners in crime and I have been putting on a conference in Montréal called Çingleton. It has been a great success. We’ve enjoyed hosting terrific guests and incredible speakers.

One of our goals with Ç is to nurture into existence something timeless or, at least, relatively long lived. In the industry we work in that’s somewhat uncommon. Fortunes change quickly in the technology business. Languages and frameworks come in and out of fashion. Market share, the statistic that launched a thousand ships, is constantly in flux. In no small part our jobs, as people in the technology business, is to stay abreast of the latest advancements, stay informed about likely future directions and to stay relevant and capable of leveraging the latest tools available to us.

That’s not what Ç is about. There’s a lot of terrific conferences and resources to help you with that. What we wanted Ç to be about was something else. Behind all of those micro decisions there’s a framework of decision making through which your choices are filtered. In various ways each year of Ç we’ve tried to poke at that inner thought process and to coax our speakers into addressing it.

We just posted the talks from Ç 2013. You can watch them here. When you love those go back in time and watch the videos from previous years.

I’d like to thank all of our speakers, from this year and in years past. Ç would not be even half of what it has become without their commitment, generosity, intelligence, wit, charm and, most of all, their capitulation to blackmail.

While I’m at it, Luc, Scott and I are thankful for the hard work put in this year by Scotty at iDeveloper.tv and Dave from Life With Purpose for their work on the videos. Without their contribution we’d not have been able to get the videos up all at once. Scotty and Dave are both involved with NSConference. Take a gander at their speaker lineup. Not half bad!

And a very special thanks to my pal Dan Moren for coming back year after year and being the person who has spent the most time on stage at Ç. Dan is the kind of guy that just don’t quit.