I co-host a podcast called Debug with my friend Rene Ritchie. It’s an interview show and we chat with our guest about either the topic of the day or their career. Mostly we cover careers, the arc of technology, their role in forming it, and how they feel about it all now.

At it’s worst Debug is someone incredibly smart and remarkably good at what they do recounting how they came to particular decisions (both in life and in technology) and reflecting upon their reasoning. Invaluable knowledge that has been hard earned and they’re passing it on to listeners. Tuning in to Debug is being a fly on the wall during a casual conversation with some of the smartest people in software. That’s the bad news.

At it’s best Debug captures an oral history of one the greatest transformative moments in technology. People like Don Melton, Nitin Ganatra and David Gelphman have all been on the show and been remarkably honest about a famously secretive company. I don’t even want to start counting the number of ex-Apple people who’ve been on the show. Suffice to say if you really want to get a window into how Apple works: Debug is it.

With the exception of The Record and the upcoming App: The Human Story I can’t think of other attempts to try to capture this history. It’s important because it’s impactful. Not because of the notion that the world will be remade in the image of Silicon Valley idealists but because there are kids out there who really love their Angry Birds pillow.

I would like to spend more time focused on making Debug better. Not a podcast you listen to on your way to work. An oral history of the development of technologies that are changing the world.

So, you might have seen this coming. Consider sponsoring Debug by getting in touch with my friend and all around ace, Jessie Char. She can be reached at her first name at neat dot fm. I’d be more explicit and helpful but, come on, that’s really not asking too much.

Also, if you’ve been on the show and have said things we’ve cut and really don’t want them to be public get in touch. We can work something out.