Pragmatic High Ground

This piece by Marco Arment Apple has lost the functional high ground has become a bit of a flashpoint for frustration and dissatisfaction with Apple software. Worse than that it gained traction beyond the relatively small circle Marco was writing for and became a totem for arguments from far beyond.

I’d love to say that we planned this. We could have. We didn’t. On the most recent episode of Debug, episode 60, we welcome back Don Melton and Nitin Ganatra. Don was formerly Director of Internet Technologies at Apple and Nitin was formally Director of iOS Apps. So, you know, they seemed like the kind of people who might have experience and some insight on this kind of thing.

The show runs about three hours and it’s a bit unstructured. As with the best episodes of Debug the microphone is the fly on the wall and a bunch of friends just tell stories, laugh, and enjoy the company.

If you’d like to know how the sausage is made, how people who have been in positions to make these quality control calls think, and get a sense of the camaraderie tune your compu-radios to Debug 60.

It may not change your mind about what troubles Apple now. It may not change your mind about the frequency of releases or how much they try to achieve. It is, however, as straight from the horse’s mouth as you’re going to get.

On a sad note Episode 60 of Debug is dedicated to the memory of Jordan Breeding. Good guy. I didn’t know him well but he always struck me as someone I’d like to get to know better. I lost out on that and too many others did too. Those who knew him universally loved him. It’s one of those situations where you can’t write something accurate that still sounds sincere. The kid had spunk. Ian, good job.

Don and Nitin cover a lot of ground about how the sausage factory works. And, make no mistake, software is the sausages of thought. It’s a fun chat and we have a lot of laughs.