Preaching To The Choir

The opportunity to participate as an attendee at this year’s WWDC has come and gone. Pretty much. Barring intervention.

I didn’t submit my name for a ticket. I’ve attended each year since Rogue Amoeba were so kind to send me only months after I’d been hired. That was years ago. This will be the first year I won’t be able to attend the sessions, roam the halls, or bump into people doing the same.

For all the talk of fairness to long time developers it’s my belief that Apple acts as a corporation. They do what they do because it is in their best interests. Mostly. They’re also a bunch of people who believe in their mission and would bend over backwards to make things better.

Ultimately, we can’t all go to WWDC. I’ve been there and, man, it takes downing a couple of Odwalla’s just to get through the line ups for the most popular sessions.

Someone like me? I’m pretty much sold. WWDC is an evangelism event. The goal is to share new technologies and expand the developer base of the platform. It is, by far, the most important outreach program Apple has to developers. They’ve got about 5,000 seats. Having people like me laughing it up with pals at Apple in the halls is a waste of their resources. I love it. But it’s kinda dumb.

You don’t preach to the choir. You preach to the world.

— Guy

PS: Someone fix Siracusa up with a ticket.