I’ve left these pages fallow.

My intention here has been to inject what were hopefully interesting and novel ideas. Regardless of their particular merit.

Originally the subtitle of these pages was “Stupid Cocoa Tricks”. My friends have out done me in that regard. I then moved on to a generalized critique of (Apple-ish) Things That Were Stupid. Turns out that people either got a lot less stupid, got far better coverage of their stupidity or, in the case of Our Macalope, showed me the horns. (His Glisten. With blood!) Also, people tend to find pieces written by authors who employ “fallow” as a verb particularly assaulting. Annoying. Irritating. Uninteresting. Right. Whatever. Fuck you two.

So, I’ve got a new thing now. I talk with people. Sometimes they’re quite smart. To their credit not one of them will right to express their disapproval of that assessment. Though 100% of them cringed at that last joke.

Please join us and listen in on my new podcast with Rene Richie called, “Debug”. We’ve recorded five episodes so far and we’re proud of each of them.

“Debug” is a recording of the conversations I wish I’d had the time to have with developers I respect.

Rene is good enough to filter out the dirty bits. Like, “Who the fuck uses fallow in a sentence!?”