Coverage of Significant Apple Moves

This week Apple withdrew its products from the EPEAT registry. Apple said that “their design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements” (cnet)

I’m using the Cnet link because it came to me in an email today from a friend asking me to comment on the matter. What do I possibly have to say about that? How would I know what’s going on?

Could be the new direction debuted with the Retina MacBook Pro isn’t compliant with the rules that EPEAT has adopted yet is still possible to recycle. The battery is glued into the case. Maybe Apple has some system to dissolve the glue and recycle the battery and the case independently that hasn’t yet been accepted by EPEAT as an effective methodology. Perhaps Apple just doesn’t give a fuck and they’re going to dump all the returned equipment into an incinerator.

Who knows?

This is a pretty big change of policy for Apple. It’s not huge from a consumer perspective but from the perspective of a dedicated company watcher it seems like something that’d light up the radar.

Daring Fireball didn’t mention it. Loop Insight didn’t mention it. Marco Arment didn’t mention it. (To be fair, Marco has been busting open the corrupt App Store downloads story this week.)

A couple of weeks ago I was on The Talk Show and I made fun of this recycling issue as being a non-problem. Now Apple has resigned itself from a major initiative to make this stuff work. Surely, it’s worth some commentary and investigation.

Unless the idea is to wait until someone else writes a really stupid and uninformed piece and then pounce upon them for being so dumb and out of touch.

That’s not the plan, is it?