SecondConf 2011

I was flattered to be invited to speak at SecondConf this year. Billed as a, “three-day, Chicago-style, single-track conference” SecondConf should properly be known as, “the successor to the incomparable C4”. Following in the format prescribed by that earlier cult conference, SecondConf delivers the same spirit, intelligence and whimsy. Also, the Chicago style pizza.

The conference went off without a hitch, the organization and preparation were top notch, our hosts were gracious while still driving the event forward, and my fellow speakers were only overshadowed by the calibre of the attendees at hand. Writing a piece about a conference you’ve just attended tempts you to pick out highlights. I think that’d be a mistake though — there was far too much great content and far too many high quality after-conference chats to single anything out in particular. I met a bunch of great people and enjoyed the company of many friends I’ve made over the years I’ve been involved in this business.

I had the good fortune of attending C4 a few times. I met some terrific people there — Lucas Newman and Mike Lee while they were both still at Delicious Monster, Jessie, Maja and Terry too, who’ve all since moved upwards and onwards. With a crowd smaller than WWDC, C4 afforded me the opportunity to spend time with Chris, Gus, Brent, Daniel, my Rogue Amoeba compatriots and alumni, and many, many more. I met my Çingleton co-conspirator Scott Morrison at a C4. Matt Drance was there too, which was a pretty shitty thing for him to do. Still, C4 was a goldmine of intelligent talks, great people, and an invaluable experience for everyone who ever attended.

SecondConf is a worthy successor — don’t miss it next year.