Spring: A Group Project

Every year I mean to take the time to note how the leaves grow on the trees around me and how the plants spring back to life. This year I’ll be making a real effort. I’ll be using Everyday to remind myself to go outside and take a photograph of the tree behind my place from my balcony. It will ask me to align my nose and mouth and I will laugh at it as I choose to align my photos with the branches of the tree.

And that’s what you’ll be doing too. We are all going to agree to take a photograph every day of our favourite plant or tree as it starts to recover from being depressed about just how stupidly cold the world can be at times. We will then share these with each other and the collection will be a wonderful crowd-sourcing of spring time happiness.

So, download Everyday and get to work. When you upload your series of photographs email the link to me at spring at kickingbear dot com. I will collect them and we’ll work out a great way to share them. No, I’m not sweating the details. It’s spring, have some fun.

For myself this is a deeply personal project. Each year my favourite tree grows slowly, its foliage gradually fills out and, in doing so, robs me of enjoying the sun as I relax on my deck. My photographs will be documenting how much of an asshole this thing is so that when I chop it down the judge will understand. Some of you may have more positive and happier motivations though. And I suppose that’s ok too.