My name is Guy English. I worked in game development for many years before joining Rogue Amoeba to write Mac applications. After the iPhone came out I struck out on my own as an independent contractor and have contributed to a number of popular iOS titles.

In 2011 I teamed up with Chris Parrish to form Aged & Distilled, a company dedicated to creating great software for visual communication. Aged & Distilled’s first application is Napkin.

The other project I’m currently involved in is the Debug show. With my co-host Rene Ritchie we interview developers about their careers, the technologies they’re involved with, their interests and their perspectives. It’s a casual show with the conceit being that we’ve just wired up some microphones around a table over drinks and dinner conversation.

I was also a co-organizer of Çingleton an annual gathering of Apple centric developers, designers, writers and business people. The goal of Çingleton was to come together to try to understand current industry trends, to share ideas and experiences and to enjoy each other’s company. After the event we make videos of the all talks available.

Finally, I’m on Twitter and you can direct comments to me there.